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Car Hire Malaga Airport No Excess





Benefits of rent with us

  • Insurance & VAT
  • No card needed for booking
  • Best price & no intermediaries
  • Free cancellation
Location of delpaso car hire no excess Malaga Airport

Only 5 minutes away from the Airport

Best prices for no excess car hire in Malaga Airport

If you are looking for a all inclusive car hire conditions to reduce the costs of any incident to zero you are in the right place. We are not a car rental brokers which means you will always get the best price on the market guaranteed without coverage problems.

When we rent a car, we want to have the peace of mind that we're covered and protected against any circumstance, and having good insurance is the key for this. For this reason we recommend you contract our all-inclusive insurance.

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Recent reviews

Andreas Ashiotis Delpaso Malaga Airport Car hire
“A very friendly customer experience”

“Excellent service. Friendly customer support. The lady at the desk, was serving us in a friendly manner. Explained everything. Great value for money. Highly recommend”

23-09-2019 19:24
Keith Carroll Delpaso Malaga Airport Car hire
“Their rates were less than everyone…”

“Their rates were less than everyone else. I had originally looked at others car hire at Malaga airport and when I searched Delpaso I found a lower priced listing for the same car. Delpaso definitely saved me money.”

17-06-2019 10:22
Aldo Delpaso Malaga Airport Car hire
“Everything went smooth”

“Honest rental company, you get what you pay without problems. Everything went smooth from the reservation online to dropping off the car at the end of the rental period. Pricing was fair and the car was nice and clean. Will be using again!.”

Advantages of hiring a car no deposit / no excess

Choose a pack to see what is included

Basic Pack Full Pack
Pick up your vehicle full of fuel and return it full
Compulsory cover
Vehicle theft cover
Personal accident cover
Liability cover
Roadside assitance
Excess coverage S.C.D.W
Accident report management
Gibraltar and Portugal's Travel Insurance
Damage cover for rims
Damage cover for tyres
Damage cover for wheel covers
Damage cover for undercarriage
Damage cover for vehicle roof
Damage cover for wing mirrors
Damage cover for windscreen and glasses
No deposit (except groups: F3,F4,I,K1,L,Q 950€)

Mandatory Deposit

Groups A, A1, B: 1200€ (reduce to 0€ if you choose Full pack)

Group E1: 2000€ (reduce to 0€ if you choose Full pack)

Groups F3,F4,I,K1,L,Q: 3000€ (reduce to 950€ if you choose Full pack)

All others: 1500€ (reduce to 0€ if you choose Full pack)

Tips and recommendations for car hire in Malaga

  • 1
    The airport is only 3 minutes by car from our office. Once you have left the airport, in the departures section you will find a free bus that will take you to our offices.
  • 2
    Being in a location off airport our car rental in Malaga can offer better prices and conditions than those located in the airport terminal..
  • 3
    Whether you travel in summer or winter, of all our rental cars are equipped with air conditioning.
  • 4
    The province of Malaga and the Costa del Sol, is relatively small, you can cross it from one end to another in about 2 hours. If you want to learn which are the most important cities, renting a car is a great way to do it.
  • 5
    If you rent directly from our website, you will benefit of the best prices and that is why we recommend that you choose the complete package, this package is available with a great discount when booking from our website.
  • 6
    If you need to fill the tank at the end of the rental, knowing where the nearest petrol station is can save a lot of time and worries. We have a BP gasoline right next to our depot.

Please give us a call if you have any questions! +34 952 172 034