Where to find the best beaches in Marbella

best beaches marbella
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Marbella, the jewel of Spain’s Costa del Sol, is not only famous for its elegance and luxury, but also for its stunning beaches that attract tourists from all over the world. With over 27 kilometres of coastline, Marbella offers a wide variety of beaches, from the lively and crowded to the quiet and secluded. In this in this car hire Malaga article, we will explore where to find the best beaches in Marbella to enjoy a day in the warm Mediterranean sun.

Fontanilla Beach: Elegance and Animation

If you’re looking for a beach that combines historic charm with modernity, Playa de la Fontanilla is the perfect place. Located in the heart of Marbella, this beach is next to the famous Paseo MarĂ­timo, offering easy access to restaurants, bars and local shops. Its crystal clear waters and fine sand make it a popular destination for those looking to enjoy a day in the sun in lively surroundings.

NagĂĽeles Beach: Tranquillity and Nature

If you prefer to escape the hustle and bustle and immerse yourself in a more natural environment, NagĂĽeles Beach is an excellent choice. Located to the east of Marbella, this beach is characterised by its tranquil atmosphere and picturesque setting. Surrounded by dunes and vegetation, it offers a serene retreat for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle and relax in a more secluded paradise.

Cabopino Beach: Golden Sand and Family Fun

For those travelling with the family, Cabopino Beach is a top choice. With its golden sand and shallow waters, this beach is ideal for children and adults alike. In addition, its nearby marina offers a wide variety of water activities, from boat rides to water sports, making this destination a complete place to enjoy with the whole family.

San Pedro de Alcántara Beach: Authenticity and Local Charm

Just a few minutes from Marbella, San Pedro de Alcántara Beach captivates visitors with its authenticity and local charm. With traditional beach bars serving local delicacies and panoramic sea views, this beach offers a unique experience. In addition, its promenade is perfect for strolling and enjoying the sea breeze while soaking up the relaxed atmosphere. You can make a cheap car hire malaga airport and visit this cozy beach that will make you enjoy the Costa del Sol.

Puerto BanĂşs Beach: Luxury and Glamour on the Seashore

For those looking to combine the beach experience with luxury and glamour, Puerto BanĂşs Beach is the preferred choice. Known for being the epicentre of high society, this beach not only offers crystal clear waters and fine sand, but also the chance to rub shoulders with celebrities and enjoy exclusive services at the area’s beach clubs.


In conclusion, Marbella stands as a diverse beach destination that caters to all tastes. Whether you prefer the elegance of Fontanilla Beach, the tranquillity of NagĂĽeles Beach, the family fun of Cabopino, the authenticity of San Pedro de Alcántara or the luxury of Puerto BanĂşs, Marbella has a beach for every occasion. Rent a Car Hire Malaga Airport and visit every beach and enjoy the climate and the gastronomy of the country. So, get your sunscreen and towel ready, and immerse yourself in the beauty and variety that Marbella’s beaches have to offer – your coastal paradise awaits you on the Costa del Sol!


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