Best hiking trails in Malaga for this autumn

malaga hiking
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As autumn approaches, Málaga becomes a paradise for hiking enthusiasts, including Malaga Hiking. The high temperatures that characterize this Spanish city start to drop, giving way to cooler and more pleasant days. These days are perfect for embarking on hiking adventures in Málaga. With its vast mountainous landscape, Málaga offers unparalleled views and trails to explore. These plans are ideal for those visiting the city for a few days, although reaching these locations may require transportation. Nevertheless, in Málaga, you’ll find various companies that offer affordable car rentals with quality service, and some even provide airport pickup. What better option than renting a car to enjoy the magnificent sites we’ll introduce you to below?

malaga hiking

1. Garganta del chorro Trail

The Garganta del Chorro is one of the top hiking options in Málaga, featuring a stunning canyon nestled in the heart of the province. In autumn, this place bursts with warm and gentle colors, making the journey along its paths an unforgettable experience. The trail winds through narrow paths between rock walls, with numerous waterfalls and natural pools along the way. Here, you’ll find the famous “Caminito del Rey,” a suspended walkway that offers breathtaking views.

2. Montes de Málaga Trail

If you prefer not to stray far from the city and relish nature and the great outdoors, the Montes de Málaga Trail is perfect for you. This trail is conveniently located near the city center and offers various paths that wind through pine forests and oak groves. In autumn, the landscape transforms as the trees turn golden and crimson. This trail even includes picnic areas along the way for you to savor local cuisine.


malaga hiking


3. Pinsapar de Yunquera Trail

Now, let’s venture a bit farther from the city, but the visit is well worth it. This trail is a must-visit in autumn. You’ll encounter a rich array of colors in its flora that will delight your senses as you hike. The diverse trees and plants reveal the natural beauty concealed within Málaga.

4. Cascadas de Istán Trail

For those seeking a unique experience, the Cascades of Istán Trail offers a route that seamlessly combines nature and water. The waterfalls and natural pools become even more striking in autumn, when fallen leaves create a natural carpet. The sound of flowing water and the fresh air will transport you to a state of complete relaxation.


malaga hiking


5. Fuentes de Alhaurín el grande Trail

The Fuentes de Alhaurín trail is a hidden gem in Málaga, featuring crystal-clear springs and ancient mills. In autumn, the water flow is greater, and the fallen leaves add a touch of color to the landscape. The trail is family-friendly, offering an easy hike for a day surrounded by nature.


This autumn, don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in Málaga’s natural beauty through these hiking trails, all of which are accessible by car. Whether you prefer mountain trails, canyons, forests, or waterfalls, Málaga has something special to offer every nature enthusiast. Distance is not an excuse to miss these wonderful routes during your vacation; Málaga offers vehicle rentals at very affordable prices tailored to each customer’s needs. Relax and enjoy Málaga hiking

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