Best restaurant Málaga

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The city of Málaga, on Spain’s beautiful Costa del Sol, is a paradise for lovers of good food. Its rich culinary tradition, combined with fresh and tasty ingredients, make this region a must-visit destination for gourmets. In this article of Del Paso carhire, we will introduce you to the best restaurant in Malaga and 4 other incredible options, so you can enjoy an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Get ready to savour the authentic essence of Malaga!

Best restaurant in Málaga


Possibly the best restaurant in Málaga, it is located in a hidden street in the heart of the Jewish quarter of Málaga. Its name comes from the Sephardic word meaning “alley”. Surrounded by impressive sites such as the Alcazaba, Roman remains and the Picasso Museum, this corner is a gem for the initiated.

Here, creativity is not forced, but rather inspiration is channelled into simple dishes that are full of strength and flavour. The presentation of the dishes is equally unadorned, as are the walls of the place. The dining room team stands out for its sincere and effective cordiality, avoiding any kind of exaggeration. At Kaleja, the main focus is on the food.

Ta Kumi

More than five years ago, in March 2011, the Japanese restaurant Ta Kumi opened in Marbella, Malaga. Its gastronomic proposal is based on a fusion between Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine, and from the beginning it stood out for its solid quality and excellence in ingredients. The creators of the restaurant are Álvaro Arbeloa, originally from Cádiz and adopted by Málaga, and Toshio Tsutsui, of Japanese origin. Arbeloa trained in catering in Marbella and then had the opportunity to discover Asian cuisine in Shanghai, where he opened a Spanish restaurant.

Ta Kumi’s standout dishes include rolls, especially the classic California, white fish sashimi and nigiris, particularly those of toro and sweet prawns from Motril with caviar. The sea bass teppanyaki and tuna with miso marinade, wakame and tobiko also stand out.


Beluga is an exclusive restaurant in Malaga that offers an exceptional dining experience. With its focus on signature cuisine, the restaurant stands out for its culinary excellence and elegant ambience. The team of chefs led by talented culinary experts create dishes that surprise and delight the most discerning diners. The menu offers a wide variety of choices, from reinterpreted classics to innovative creations. Fresh and seasonal ingredients are carefully selected to ensure quality and authenticity. In addition, Beluga has an extensive selection of meticulously crafted wines and cocktails to pair with each dish. The ambience of the restaurant is elegant and sophisticated, with modern décor and subdued lighting creating an intimate atmosphere.

La Cosmopolita

It is a restaurant located in the historic centre of Malaga, at Calle José Denís Belgrado 3. It is a personal project of chef Dani Carnero, who opened its doors in 2010 with the aim of enjoying the cuisine and following the motto “Guisa que te guisa María Luisa”. The restaurant has the distinction of a Repsol sun from the Repsol Guide and stands out for its dishes based on local produce and Malaga tradition. The menu changes regularly due to its focus on seasonal produce. In an elegant and cosy atmosphere, diners can enjoy the flavours of Andalusia at La Cosmopolita.

Leña by Dani García

Leña by Dani García restaurant, located in Marbella, has been recognised as the most beautiful restaurant in the world at the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards in 2021. It belongs to the “Dani García” group, which includes gastronomic experiences such as Lobito de Mar, Babette, Alelí, Bibo, Tragabuches and the Japanese restaurant Kemuri, among others.

Located in the prestigious Puente Romano Hotel in Marbella, Las Brasas offers a carefully crafted atmosphere and design with impeccable elegance. The restaurant presents an innovative and fresh concept in terms of fine dining and haute cuisine in the city. It is a steakhouse that takes the standards of haute cuisine to truly astonishing levels.

The Las Brasas menu is almost perfect, with delicious grilled vegetable starters and spectacular yaki skewers, which include various pieces of meat cooked on the grill.

Designed by Astet Studio, the interior of Las Brasas features elements of stone and wood, with the aim of evoking a sense of the primitive and primal. The design is inspired by the restaurant’s robust cooking style and is reflected in organic shapes, a deep autumnal colour palette and moody lighting.

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