Do you know the best tapas restaurants in Malaga?

best tapas restaurants in malaga
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Malaga is a city that stands out for several things, for its climate, for its beaches, for its inland. However, one of the most attractive aspects of this coastal city is its gastronomy. The Spanish city has an extensive Mediterranean gastronomy that encompasses a large number of products. This products are mixed and fused to give rise to great culinary creations. Therefore, we want to show you reasons to visit this city, and these reasons are the best tapas restaurants in Malaga.


What are “tapas”?

The famous tapas are a classic of Spanish gastronomy. In short, tapas are small portions of food to accompany a drink in Spanish bars and taverns. The term tapa, which means to cover or cover in Spanish, has an interesting history behind it.

It is said that tapas originated in southern Spain in the 13th century. When King Alfonso X recovered his strength after an illness by eating small portions of food with small glasses of wine between meals. To prevent the sea wind from ruining his drink, a slice of ham or cheese was used to cover the glass. This practice became popular, and in time, tavern owners began to offer small portions of food to accompany drinks, marking the birth of tapas.


Best tapas restaurants in Malaga

There is a wide variety of tapas bars in Malaga and each one better than the last. If you are going to visit the city do not hesitate to look for a cheap car hire in Malaga and make a route through these places, we will leave below the best known although we forget some of them:

-Taberna El Pimpi

This bodega is located in the heart of the city, in the centre of Malaga and could be the most famous and representative tapas bar in the city. It offers an extensive wine list and traditional tapas. Its atmosphere is unique and its charming courtyard makes it a place to see and visit. 

-Cervantes Tapas

With creative and delicious tapas, this restaurant is known for its innovative gastronomic proposal. Its central location makes it a popular meeting point for locals and visitors alike.

– La Cosmopolita

Offering a lively atmosphere and innovative tapas, La Cosmopolita is the perfect place for those looking for a unique dining experience in Malaga.

– Uvedoble Tavern

With high quality tapas and a menu that celebrates culinary diversity, Uvedoble Taberna is a top choice for those wishing to explore the authentic flavours of the region.

– Casa Lola

The Casa Lola group has become a very attractive option for tapas lovers and tourists who want to try this magnificent experience. Casa Lola was originally a tapas tavern with an extensive menu of innovative and different dishes. This worked for them and they now have 3 Casa Lola’s in the centre of Malaga; 2 Casa Blanca’s in Marbella, which you will need to car hire Malaga to get to; and 2 seafood taverns called Pez Lola.


In Malaga, tapas are not just a way of eating; they are an expression of Andalusian culture and hospitality. The city’s tapas restaurants offer a variety of culinary experiences, from classic to innovative. By immersing themselves in these flavours, visitors not only enjoy exceptional food. But also immerse themselves in the rich gastronomic tradition that has shaped Malaga’s identity over the centuries. So, the next time you find yourself in this coastal city, don’t hesitate to explore the charming corners that are home to the best tapas restaurants in Malaga. Indulge yourself in an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Enjoy your meal!


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