The Best Street Markets In Málaga

The Best Street Markets In Málaga

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If you want to know any city, its colours, flavours and people then you should definitely visit the street markets of that city. Málaga which is the capital of Costa del Sol has various street markets where you can shop and that are located in the most picturesque areas. By visiting the streets markets, you can have a lovely family activity especially because of the pleasant and warm climate.


This post will let you immerse in the atmosphere of southern Spanish street market because here is the list of the best street markets of Málaga where you can enjoy searching the market stalls.


There are a lot of markets present in the Malaga and you will see a lot of different variety of stuff there. If you want to enjoy the different markets of Malaga take advantage of the best offers in car hire in Malaga. When we discuss about the marketplaces in the Malaga, we need to differ amongst the numerous marketplaces according to the variety:


Atarazanas markets in Malaga

There are food markets, where fresh fruit and vegetables can be bought generally; if a market is lastingly installed in a structure, for example the well-known Ataranzas market in the Malaga city; we can discover likewise an extensive choice of the fish, sea food, cheeses and meats. The installed marketplaces open their entries every single weekday and on Saturday till around 2 pm. There is likewise a mobile form of these marketplaces that typically take place one time or two times a week in the squares and streets in the diverse cities of Malaga and the Costa del Sol. And as very lately there are likewise marketplaces for the organic vegetables and fruit, which generally happen one time a month in different cities.

📍Atarazanas Market


El Zoco de Muelle Uno

El zoco is a stone’s throw away from the centre of Málaga. This is a local market where you will be able to witness beautiful views of the port, browse the stalls and enjoy the Malaga’s principal landmarks. The products include handmade products, gourmet foods, fashion and decoration item which are displayed by the locals. The location of the market is perfect to visit other activities of Málaga. You can visit the restaurant, beaches and shops which are at walking distance of this street market.

📍Muelle uno Market


Guadalhorce Ecological Market

This Guadalhorce Ecologico is an organization that was developed in 2008 and has the aim of promoting and defending ecological farming and ecological agriculture. This market is organized on every second Saturday of each month in the shadow of Malaga’s building on Paseo de Reding. Parque de Huelin is the location for every fourth Saturday of the month. You will see everything ecological produce here that includes vegetables, olive oils, fruits, jams, cheese, bread, honey, aloe vera products, spices, nuts and more.


The locals are friendly enough to provide you with the information about goods that are harvested in Málaga. You can also order online from the organization’s online shop and get the ecological products delivered at your holiday rental.


Within the walking distance of Malagueta beach is the Malagueta4Market where you can browse the handmade accessories stalls as well as decorative items and antique pieces of clothing. The vendors are friendly and passionate and love to explain their amazing handmade products. This market is the perfect Sunday activity, while your tour to the market don’t forget to take your beach essentials so that you can witness the sunset at the beach.


Soho Market

This place is known as the Málaga modern art neighbourhood with the most appropriate area to find the best fine arts and crafts in Málaga. You must visit Soho in order to adore the handcrafted products of arts which are created by brilliant local artists. You will find jewellery, ceramics and some of the best contemporary art pieces here. Also, you will witness the best street art of Málaga in this market. Moreover, all the city’s main attractions are at a walking distance from Soho.

Plaza Merced Market

The beautiful and ever vibrant Plaza de la Merced has a local street market that includes a large number of handmade products consisting of new as well as used products such as books, jewellery, bags, clothes, records and more. This place is famous for the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, therefore after visiting the stalls, relax on the sunny terraces while having a drink viewing the busy Plaza de la Merced.


Huelin Market

📍Huelin Market

The Huelin neighbourhood is located at the Western part of Málaga. Here every third Sunday of the month you will be able to visit the family-friendly local market which is named after the actor Antonio Banderas and is on the beach promenade.


I hope you have used this post to know a little more Malaga, share this article to help other people enjoy a better stay! 🙂


Enjoy flea markets in Malaga

One more type of the marketplace in Malaga are the flea markets, where are typically traded for little cash 2nd hand things and where we can discover numerous rarities and interests. These 2 nd hand things are available at a reasonable cost and you can buy stuff from there. The 3rd kind of market are the marketplaces where expert dealers trade all types of things of the accessories, sunglasses, shoes, clothing and much more, which are generally imitations at very reasonable costs.


Craftsmanship market

One kind of booming marketplace are craftsmanship markets, where you can appreciate a widespread range of the handmade goods; such marketplaces are preferably installed throughout the summer season when there is a great sum of people; and pretty often they can also be found in the Marinas of the seaside cities. There are likewise thematic marketplaces, for example the well known primitive market that takes place each year in the summer time in numerous cities, being the best lovely the ones of Fuengirola and Estepona at Sohail Castle. As maximum of these marketplaces are openly related to instant needs and usually are part of the routine life of the people, they frequently have a very vital site in the cities and typically around can be found numerous bars and walkways to have a soda or a coffee, recovering from enjoying watching the passers-by or shopping. Whenever we travel to a place, we all look for some places that we can explore during our time there. The above mentioned markets are a great place to spend your time and explore the Malaga. These markets have a lot of different things that you will love. So, add these markets into your travel spots.

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