Colmenar – What to do and see

How to get to colmenar malaga

Colmenar – What to do and see

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In the province of Malanga which is situated in the Axarquia region far, round about 30 km from the capital of its there is a white village. Its original name comes by the main reason of its economy for many of its years.


We can say that it is in the mid or in the heart of Malaga mountains. Where we do not only enjoy the fairness of it’s but also the beautiful sites and mountain views which are very enjoyable for every kind of nature lovers. You can book and bus, car, taxi from us.


History of Colmenar

Colmenar has had inhabitants in its area since the Prehistoric period. They have found remains of tools in some caves and tombs that date way back to ancient times.


They have also found several discoveries that also suggest there was a roman settlement, amongst them there were coins and ceramics, although archaeological remains have not been found yet which means this theory is only a hypothesis. Though, testaments of its Arabic past have on hand reached our time, plus archaeological remains in the diverse points of the city.


Colmenar did not have a sufficient population center till the late fifteenth century and it was originally made up of farms, though it was continuously a place of passage in the past days, up to the point where numerous of the motorways and the cattle roads today, use numerous of the existing roads from the Roman Andalusian period.


Like in other places occupied by the Christians after their existence in the area, they constructed structures belonging to their own religion like the church for example from the sixteenth century, or the chapel that though it was constructed in the 18th century, it has a curious part to it…in the year 17 hundred several sailors were caught in the mid of a storm off the Malaga coasts, these men conceded out spiritual rites to a virgin agreeing to the beliefs back then promising the building of a chapel if they were saved, and after living they kept their promise; later on, this chapel became a convent.


What to do and see in Colmenar

Colmenar hosts numerous traditions and customs, certain modern and others that have continued over passage of time till the present-day.


  • The castration of the hives: This job is carried out handmade, exactly how it was completed in the past days.
  • The grape treading: Dancing on grapes to produce the wine.
  • The slaughter: A tradition extended around numerous villages in the province of Malaga that comprises in dancing and singing whilst participating in the elaboration of meat products.


We also recommend a visit to the “Casa Museo de la Miel” (the honey house museum) where you’ll get the chance to see how the beekeepers used to work centuries ago.


How to get to Colmenar

You must head to the Casabermeja and from there follow the marks to the Colmenar. If you do not have a car of your own, you can rent a car in Malaga and pick it up either at the airport or at train station of Malaga.

One more alternative is to book a Malaga airport transfer to Colmenar.

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