Cabopino Port

Cabopino Port

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Port is defined as a station that basically builds to stop different kind of ships like, cargo ships, passenger ships, fishing vessels, and tankers etc. The port’s mostly area is dedicated to storing export and import luggage. In short, the port is used for trade via sea. The port has economic importance in every country. Cabopino is a silent harbor that is located between Marbella. The port area is smaller than the other named Benalmadena. This port has its own and different Mediterranean style. The port is not famous because the area is not visited by many people. The main drawback of this port is, nobody can see the port from the road, the location of it is quite hidden and that specific port area is not used often.
Because of its coastal Marinas, the port has certain very worthy eateries and bars, as well as a lovely beach and a golf course.


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Cabopino port location

📍Cabopino port


What is Cabopino Port Renowned For?

This port arranged in Marbella is just 10 kilometers from the downtown area and by a local location. The port has a wonderful shoreline and normal ‘chiringuitos’ (shoreline bars) where you’ll have the capacity to appreciate the ordinary sardines on the spit (espetos), the singed fish or the Malaga-style plate of mixed greens. Cabopino is the perfect model for an expat resort region. It has a few new-form advancements near the shoreline and the primary seaside expressway, and the nearness of these reasons, brilliant homes has pulled in a sizeable network of English, Irish and other northern European expats, which thus has made an unmistakable feeling of the network.

For families, the appealing shoreline is enormous in addition to. This is no customary stretch of sand: the shoreline extends for a few kilometers and is incredibly wide, taking into account all way of safe shoreline movement, fixated for the most part on sunbathing and sandcastle constructing yet additionally taking in volleyball, football, and other inflatable ball games.



What Facilities Are Available at the Cabopino Port?

For all ships:

The port is offering the full cleaning that included exterior and the dockside to up at the top.

The port has its own workshop that is open 24/7 in every weather condition. It has the capacity to repair a small boat to the big cargo ship. You can get the engineer in the workshop, whenever you want the assistance, you will be answered.

The availability of fuel is open for seven days a week.

Food and rest:
The port has many options for food and relaxes. If you bring a cargo ship than you can also enjoy the food and other facilities but if you come with a passenger ship, the beaches, restaurants, and bays, many options are open for you.


General facilities:

These general facilities are for all like, from a visitor to a crew member, all will enjoy the general facilities that are given by the port, specifically.

  1. Restaurants
  2. Toilets
  3. Showers
  4. Water
  5. Telephone
  6. Internet in the berthing point.


The restaurants for food, cafes, and beaches these all facilities are found here easily. This port area is not good for surfing as many visitors want to do. The port also has its own ratio channel with the frequency of 09.

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