Competa: beaches, cuisine and festivities

Competa: beaches, cuisine and festivities

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Competa is arranged in the Axarquia region, a beautiful whitewashed Andalusian town in the midst of the majestic mountainscape of Sierra Almijara. The town has Moorish roots, evident in style of the town, with its winding, slender streets and peaceful blocks. 

Competa is found 20 Km north of shoreline of Algarrobo Costa, a car drive of thirty minutes and 53 Km structure the center of Malaga, around an hour’s drive away. We have at your disposal our car rental Málaga service so that you can get to competa. With the coast close by, there is a lot of opportunity to experience the more contemporary side of Andalusia. 


Natural surroundings

In case that you are searching for regular magnificence, at that point Competa and the Axarquia region are ideal for you. The town is surrounded by olive groves and almond trees, which blossom in the spring.

Competa is arranged close to a 4000 hectare wildlife, which includes Sierra Almijara, rising royally to 2000 meters above the sea level. 

The scene driving down to the coast is loaded up with lemon groves, vineyards and olive tropical natural products, for example, mango and kiwi, and perspectives so heavenly you will never need to leave. The zone is especially prominent with wildlife fans and flying creature watchers, who come to wonder about the hawks that wander the skies. 



The beaches along the coastline 20 Km toward the south are the absolute most beautiful that the province of Malaga brings to the table. 


competa beach

Cuisine and Dining

Typical cooking of the region comprises of rice, seafood and meats, joined with delicious fresh, neighborhood vegetables. Competa has various tapas bars, bistros and restaurants to look over, regardless of whether you fancy a formal or informal feast.

In a portion of the more traditional taps bars you can get a glass of Rioja, enjoy free tapas or caña. 



Competa enjoys a sub-tropical Mediterranean atmosphere of warm winters and hot summers with an average of 300 days of sun a year. The proximity to sea affords cooling breezes in summertime; height of mountains in the region is frequently snow-topped during winter, a beautiful incredible sight in the most distant south of Europe. 


Popular Festivities and Traditions

In case that what you’re searching for are mainstream festivities and traditions, in Competa we’ll discover many: 


Wine Night:

On the fifteenth of August, Competa celebrates one of its greatest prevalent festivities, which were originally carried out as a goodbye party for the agricultures that would leave the following day to start the harvest.

The merry day itself originally originated from one of the town’s locals called Fernandez Navas, who in 1973 invited everybody in the town to drink all the wine they could that night, in this manner making an occasion that is repeated a seemingly endless amount of time after year. 

The wine festivity begins in the first part of the day with the locals of Competa that are dressed up in typical clothing, treading on grapes while they taste Competa wine. All through the occasion there’s music out of sight and they offer the typical ‘migas’ that are presented with grape salad and salt cod. 


Summer fair:

Originally pagan prominent festivity that commences with fireworks. 


Religious festivities:

This town additionally has different religious festivities all through the whole year. By tradition, these festivities were created to supplant pagan festivals past to Christian conquest and to change over a higher number of believers, and in spite of the fact that the religious importance never again exists, they’re yet celebrated every year.

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