10 Typical Foods from Malaga

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10 Typical Foods from Malaga

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Malaga is a place with a lot of different kinds of foods that are loved by the people who visit Malaga. The 10 typical foods from the Malaga are as follow:


1 – Gazpachuelo Malagueño

This dish is one of the most typical one served in the Malaga, this dish is a soup that is made with potatoes, fish, salt, mayonnaise, wine vinegar and water. It is a warm soup and is loved by people in the winter season. It may likewise be accompanied by the toast and hard-boiled eggs.


2 – Plato de los Montes de Malaga

Well, if you don’t understand the meaning of this dish, it says “Dish of the mountains of Malaga.” It is the food from the list of the typical foods in the Malaga and is also called as a combination plate.


plato de los montes


This dish is a heavy one and a lot of people like it in the winter season. It usually contains chips, chorizo, fried egg, black pudding, fried pepper and a piece of loin in butter 


3 – Porra Antequerana

This soup is very much alike to the gazpacho and is a cold soup. Bread is used instead of the water in this soup to make it thick. It is served with ham, hard-boiled egg and tuna fish. This dish is from the Malaga province, so, you will surely love it.


4 – Fritura Malagueña

A lot of people like the fried fish when they go to the beach to spend their time. The best thing about this dish is that it is truly a Malaga made dish and you will enjoy it even more with your feet in the sand. 


5 – Espeto

These are the sardines that have been roasted and skewered over a grill pit – typically in the method of an ancient fishing boat which is placed on the sand at one of the beach. You will have to travel to a beach in order to find this dish.


6 – Tarta Malagueña

This is a cake that is prepared with Malaga sweet wine and almonds, 2 of the specialties of Malaga. The apricot jam is also added into the cake. The cake is decorated with raisins. You can have it with coffee as your afternoon snack.


tarta malagueña



7 – Ensalada Malagueña

This is a cold potato salad that is made with onion, oranges, green olives and salt cod. It is a very great twist of the potato salad and it is a great dish to be served as a starter. Though you can eat this dish all around the city and if you wish to make it for yourself then you can find a lot of recipes on the internet.


8 – Almendras Fritas

The almonds are not something unique to the Malaga, you will see a lot of people selling the fried almonds with salt on them in many streets. You can have them with cheese and a glass of wine.


9 – Ajoblanco

This soup was brought before the tomatoes even arrived in the Spain. This soup is made with ground up almonds. These almonds are peeled and then toasted, the toasted almonds are mixed with garlic and olive oil.


10 – Pipirrana

This dish is loved all over the Andalusia. It is a salad that is prepared with the well chopped green pepper, tomato, olives, red pepper, onion, mussels and tuna or other seafood. 



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