Malaga hiking: Best trails for this Autumn

hiking malaga
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Andalusia is one of the most visited places by tourists in recent years, its landscapes, beaches, villages, mountains and many more natural wonders that make it a very special place. All this we have clear, but there is a unique place within this area, if you want to see mountains overlooking the coast, amazing canyons and a peculiar fauna, Malaga. In this precious city there are many hiking trails all along the coastal mountain ranges. Hiking in Malaga is something you have to do at least once in your life. 

Malaga is one of the best places for this practice of hiking, for those who love nature and adventure. In this post we are going to make a summary of the best routes and villages near Malaga for hiking. 

Caminito del Rey


This list could only start by mentioning one of the most famous routes in Malaga and Spain, the Caminito del Rey. 

Some time ago, it was considered a dangerous route because some sections of the path were missing, in fact, it was closed to the public for some time due to works to renovate the route and fix those sections. Today, it is a safe route where millions of people enjoy the fantastic adventure with its breathtaking views. 

Ardales to El Chorro

hiking malaga

It is one of the most beautiful routes of Malaga, the road can last about 5 hours, which is very short, as the wonderful scenery distracts you and captures all your attention. If you leave from Malaga, the route is about 50 minutes by car, which is the best option. If you do not have a car, you can always rent one at car hire Malaga.

Guadiaro riverbank

hiking malaga

This route has its starting point at the bridge over the Guadiaro river in Benaoján Station. This route is one of the easiest and most beautiful in Malaga. 

The famous views of Angosturas del Guadiaro are what make this route a must do if you want to do Malaga hiking.

Torcal of Antequera

hiking malaga

It is a limestone forest considered a floral paradise, as it has a great variety of plants such as wild roses and orchids, while also noted for its great wildlife sightings. 

The Ventanillas viewpoint is one of the most famous in this area, from there, you will be able to reach the area called “Ammonites”, known for its fossils. 

This route is located 45 km by car from Malaga in the Natural Reserve of Torcal. 

Sky Peak


Only for the brave. This route has some difficulty because, although most of the hike is quite easy, the last 400 meters is almost vertical, with loose soil and rocks that can fall off, quite a challenge. 

This hike has a route of almost 1400 meters and 20 km round trip, but all this way is worth it for the wonderful views that this peak has. 

Lucero Hill

hiking malaga

A regional classic, as during the Spanish Civil War it was a strategic point and there are some interesting ruins to see at the top. 

This trail goes up to the peak of Lucero passing through Puerto Llano. During the walk you will be able to have a fantastic view of the Mediterranean Sea.

The route takes approximately 4 hours and is located at one hour and 45 minutes from Malaga. 

There are many options to transport you to these places to do their routes. If you do not want to spend a lot of money, and you have just arrived in Malaga, we recommend a cheap car hire airport.

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