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Aeropuerto de Malaga
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In this post we show some interesting data about Malaga Airport. You can see from telephone numbers to directions on how to reach it for several methods.


Málaga Airport, oficially called Málaga Costa del Sol Airport since 2011, is a Spanish aerodrome located in the district of Churriana, in the West of the city.

Málaga airport occupies the 4th position for the traffic volume between Spanish airports, and the 3rd one between Iberian airports. It is considered the neuralgic centre of the whole activity inside Andalucía.

The French Pierre Latécoère had the target of creating a trade airline, joining France with her overseas colonies and stopping in Spain. Finally, on September the 1st in 1919, the first trading airline Tolouse-Casablanca, taking Málaga aviation field as a link.

In 1936, Málaga airport becomes the military base, and the crewmen air navy school.

Ten years later, civil servants return to the air base, and the air traffic, national as well as international, is set up.

In 1960, an important renewal takes place, enlarging the airport track, building a new taxiway, parallel to the main one, and a new terminal was erected in the geometrical center of the aviation field. Málaga Airport, well-known because of its IATA code as AGP (Málaga Picasso) is composed by three terminals, which are interconnected. In common conditions, just the checkpoint is located in the third terminal, and all the passengers must pass through it. Nevertheless, the checkpoints in the first and second terminals are kept in the case they are required because of congestion.

Stadistical data 2014:

Passengers 13.749.134 +6,4%
Operations 108.263 +5,8%
Goods 2.497.575 -6,3%




The first terminal is currently closed to the public in order to save energy and exploitation costs. It is waiting for its reopening if the increase of passengers requires it.



The second terminal, known as Pablo Ruiz Picasso terminal, was designed by Ricardo Bofill, and inaugurated on November the 1st in 1991.


In 1995, and in the ampliation provoked by T2, a new car parking was built, and in 2002, a new control tower.

Airlines operating in the Terminal 2 are:


Aeroflot Russian Airlines T2 Planta 1 AFL SU Rusia 952974534914313706 Iberia 952136292
EasyJet T2 Planta 1 EZY U2 UK 902599900 952048160
EasyJet Switzerland T2 Planta 1 EZS DS Suiza 902599900 952048160 T2 Planta 1 EXS LS UK 952174731 902881269 952174731
Ryanair T2 Planta 1 RYR FR Irlanda +448712460011 952177251
Transaero T2 Planta 1 TSO UN Rusia 932200556 +7 (495) 788 8080 Iberia 952136292



The third terminal (T3) was designed by the architect Bruce S. Fairbanks, and inaugurated on March the 15th on 2010; it was built next to the north facade Pablo Ruiz Picasso terminal, making easier the pass of passengers from one terminal to the other from the inside the building, and getting a one-of-a kind conception of the terminal.

Información aerolíneas en T3:


Aer Lingus T3 Planta 1 EIN EI Irlanda 902502737 952136274 Iberia 952136292
Air Berlin T3 Planta 1 BER AB Alemania 952105520 902333335 Swissport 952048711
Air Europa T3 Planta 1 AEA UX España 902401501 952048249 952048378
Air Mediterranee T3 Planta 1 BIE ML Francia 952136274 +33581312999 Iberia 952136292
Air Nostrum T3 Planta 1 ANE YW España 952136274 902400500 952136292
Air Transat T3 Planta 1 TSC TS Canadá 952058364 900977609 Swissport 952048711
Alitalia T3 Planta 1 AZA AZ Italia 952974713 902100323 Clever 952974530 900264426
Arkefly T3 Planta 1 TFL OR Amsterdam 952136274 0900-2753359 Iberia 952136292
BA City Flyer T3 Planta 1 CFE CJ Reino Unido 902111333 Iberia 952136292
Blue Air T3 Planta 1 JOR OB Rumanía 69821518 Swissport 952048711
British Airways T3 Planta 1 BAW BA Reino Unido 902111333 Iberia 952136292
Brussels Airlines T3 Planta 1 BEL SL Bélgica 807220003 Swissport 952048711
Bulgaria Air T3 Planta 1 LZB FB Bulgaria 952136187 (+359)24020400 Iberia 952136292
Corendon Dutch Airlines T3 Planta 1 CND CD Turquía 952048699 +31(0)237510600 Swissport 952048711
Delta Airlines T3 Planta 1 DAL DL Estados Unidos 952974526 902810872 Clever 952974530 900264426
Europe Airpost T3 Planta 1 FPO 50 Francia 952048699 952048711
Finnair T3 Planta 1 FIN AY Finlandia 901888126 902888126 Iberia 952136292
Flybe T3 Planta 1 BEE BE Reino Unido 952048349 +44(0)1392268529
German Wings T3 Planta 1 GWI 4U Alemania 952048270 902599919 Swissport 950048711
Iberia T3 Planta 1 IBE IB España 952136274 902400500 952136292
Iberia Express T3 Planta 1 IBS I2 España 952174731 902881269 952174731
Jetairfly T3 Planta 1 JAF TB Bélgica 952136274 +3270220000 Iberia 952136292
León Air T3 Planta 1 IGA TE España 902570194 Iberia 952136292
Lufthansa T3 Planta 1 DLH HL Alemania 952048571 902883882 Clever 952974530
Luxair T3 Planta 1 LGL LG Luxemburgo +35224564242 Iberia 952136292
Monarch Airlines T3 Planta 1 MON ZB Reino Unido 952136274 800099260 Iberia 952136292
Niki Luftfahrt T3 Planta 1 NLY HG Austria 952105520 902320737 Swissport 952048711
Norwegian Air Shuttle T3 Planta 1 NAX DY Noruega 952048711 +4721490015 Swissport 952048711
Primera Air T3 Planta 1 PRI PF Dinamarca 952974526 +3545276100 Clever 952974530
Royal Air Maroc T3 Planta 1 RAM AT Marruecos 952136274 902210010 Iberia 952136292
SAS Scandinavian Airlines T3 Planta 1 SAS SK Suecia 902405033 Swissport 952048711
Smartwings T3 Planta 1 TVS QS República Checa 932171559 +420220116686 Clever 952974530
Swiss Internacional Airlines T3 Planta 1 SWR LX Suiza 952048180 901116712 Swissport 952048187
TAP Portugal T3 Planta 1 TAP TP Portugal 952048349 901116718 Clever 952974530
Thomson Airways T3 Planta 1 TOM BY Reino Unido 952136274 914141481 Iberia 952136292
Transavia T3 Planta 1 TRA HV Países Bajos 952048699 902010105 Swissport 952048711
Travel Service T3 Planta 1 TVS QS República Checa 913243706 +420255700827 Clever 952974530
Turkish Airlines T3 Planta 1 THY TK Turquía 952974610 952974611 952136292
Volotea T3 Planta 1 VOE V7 España 902737717 931171777 (+34)931220717 Swissport 952048711
Vueling T3 Planta 1 VLG VY España 952048325 807200100 Iberia 952136292
Wizz Air T3 Planta 1 WZZ W6 Hungría 807444041 807444224 Swissport 952048711


Inside Airport:

Police: +34 952 231 620

General aviation services: +34 952 048 700

Museum: +34 952 048 176

Lost and found objects: +34 952 048 931

Airport: 952 048 804

Renfe: 902 240 202

National phones:

General emergency: 112

Medical emergency: 061

Red Cross: 902 222 292

Toxicology general institution: 915 62 04 20

Firefighters: 080

National Police: 091

Civil Guard: 062

Violencia de género: 016/900 116 016

Gender violence: 900 19 10 10

Women information: 900 15 21 52

General traffic management: 900 123 505

Weather information: 807 170 365

Post Service: 900 506 070

Attention to the citizen: 060

Civil protection: 1006

Local information: 010



Málaga Airport has several media transports which make easier the arrival or departure from the airport itself for the passengers. Those services are:

  • Taxi
  • Train
  • Bus
  • Self Vehicle.
  • Car rental.

We detail the main characteristics of each one:


Taxi stations are located in each terminal, just in front of the arrival hall.

The illustrative rates are as follows:

Rate 1:

Working days from 6:00 to 22:00

Mimimum fare: 1.42 €

Rate per kilometer: 0.84€

Wait for the passenger rate: 18.47 €

Minimum service from the airport: 15.21 €

Rate 2:

Working days from 22:00 to 06:00, Saturdays and holiday.

Mimimum fare: 1.77 €

Rate per kilometer: 1.03€

Wait for the passenger rate: 23.09 €

Minimum service from the airport: 19.01 €


From/to the Airport: 5.05 €

Out of opening hours (00:00- 06:00): 2 €

From/to Puerto de Levante: 1 €

Luggage bigger than 60 cm: 0.45 €

Rate 2 will be applied during the Augoust fair and Easter.

The charge for the route will be always visible in the taximeter.


Algeciras (142 km), 153,18 € (rate 1), 181,58 € (rate 2);

Almuñécar (106 km), 115,74 € (rate 1), 136,94 € (rate 2);

Antequera (63 km), 71,01,76 € (rate 1), 83,62 € (rate 2);

Benalmádena pueblo (20 km), 26,30 € (rate 1), 30,30 € (rate 2);

Benalmádena costa (14 km), 20,06 € (rate 1), 22,86 € (rate 2);

Cala de Mijas (35 km), 41,90 € (rate 1), 48,90 € (rate 2);

Estepona (85 km), 93,90 € (rate 1), 110,90 € (rate 2);

Fuengirola (26 km), 32,54 € (rate 1), 37,74 € (rate 2);

Marbella (54 km), 61,66 € (rate 1), 72,46 € (rate 2);

Motril (118 km), 128,22 € (rate 1), 151,82 € (rate 2);

Nerja (74 km), 82,46 € (rate 1), 97,26 € (rate 2);

Puerto Banús (67 km), 75,18 € (rate 1), 88,58 € (rate 2);

Ronda (110 km), 119,90 € (rate 1), 141,90 € (rate 2);

Torremolinos (9 km), 14,86 € (rate 1), 16,66 € (rate 2).

For lost and found in the taxis, you must go to the town city, from 09:30 to 13:00 or phone 952327200



The train line going to the airport is through the commuter train C1 Fuengirola- Málaga, RENFE. The train station is located few meters away from the passengers gate of terminal 3.

This line connects Málaga Airport to María Zambrano, in the city center. In María Zambrano Station, the passenger will also find the high speed train stations (AVE), which connect Málaga-Sevilla, the middle and long distance commuter train C2. In addition, the train station is just next to the bus station.

From Málaga airport, line C1 Málaga-Fuengirola connects western Costa del Sol; it has 11 schedule stops in between Torremolinos, benalmádena and Fuengirola.

Schedule C1 Málaga-Fuengirola:

Fuengirola, Los Boliches, Torreblanca, Carvajal, Torremuelle, Benalmádena-Arroyo de la Miel, El Pinillo, Montemar-Alto, Torremolinos, La Colina, Los Alamos, Plaza Mayor, San Julián, Aeropuerto, Guadalhorce, Victoria Kent (link línea C2), Málaga María Zambrano (link High Velocity (AVE) , long and short distance) y Málaga center-Alameda.

The frequency is each half an hour. No night opening hours service.

The price of the ticket varies, depending upon the place you get it (just 1 trip):

ZONE 1 / 2 3 4 5
PRICE 1.80€ 2.05€ 2.70€ 3.60€





Málaga Airport urban and interurban line services, with middle and long route. The bus stop is just in front of the arrival hall, in terminal 3.

Empresa Malagueña de Transportes line.

Ticket price: 3€

Its frequency is from 25 to 30 minutes, non-stop at night.

More info at

Interurban lines:

  • M-128: Benalmádena-Torremolinos-Aeropuerto (Consorcio de transporte metropolitano)
  • M-135: Málaga-Santa Amalia (Alhaurín de la Torre) (Consorcio de transporte metropolitano)
  • Aeropuerto de Málaga Marbella (Avanzabus).
  • Aeropuerto de Málaga-Estepona (Avanzabus).

You can find more information about routes, rates and other services at:




long Distance:

  • Malaga Airport-Algeciras (Avanzabus).
  • Malaga Airport-Sevilla (ALSA).
  • Malaga Airport-Granada (ALSA).
  • Malaga Airport-Motril (ALSA).

You can find more information about routes, rates and other services at:





Transfers from Málaga Costa del Sol Airport to an hotel, apartment, or any other place chosen by the passenger for his/her stay in Málaga.

There are different kinds, highlighting the shared bus one (this services collects passengers from its origin to the destination), the private transfer (more intimate, direct transfer), private minibus (intimate transfer for groups or families) or private bus (single big group).

Self Car:

Málaga Airport is 7 kilometers away the city center. It connects through MA-20 road or west ring-road ( Del Mediterraneo A-7 motorway/E15 in Málaga), and MA-21, as now the old N-340 is known.


The geographical coordinates of the airports are:

36º 40’ 32’’ North 4º 29’ 52’’ West

Lattitude 36.675º, Lenght -4.497º


How to get to the airport from the more common places:

  • Desde Centro de Málaga:

From the city center:

Beginning in the Alameda Principal, pass through Tetuan tunnel,

Take the first exit towards Nazareno del Paso street,

Turn to right towards Hilera street,

Go on, on the right, towards el Pasillo del Matadero,

In the crossroad, go on towards Cuarteles street, linking to Héroes de Sostoa street and then to Velázquez Avenue until reaching MA-21, direction Torremolinos.

Take the exit N-348 Aeropuerto, San Julián.

Third exist in the first roundabout, direction Aeropuerto.

  • From Torremolinos / Benalmadena/Fuengirola (Coast road:

Go to the south in Clemente Días Ruiz Avenue towards Valencia street.

In the roundabout, take the fourth exit and go on along Alcalde Clemente Díaz Ruiz Avenue (pass all the roundabouts).

In the third roundabout, take the second exit direction to Málaga/Torremolinos.

Incorporate to the A-7

Keep on the right to go on along MA-20, follow the sings of AP7/Torremolinos/MA-21/Málaga Oeste/Airport

Take exit number 3 towards MA-23/airport

In the roundabout, take the first exit (pass the roundabout)

Go on along Comandante Garcia Morato street. Your destination will be on your right.


  • From Occidental Coast (Velez Malaga, Nerja, Granada) :

Go to the North towards Pescia avenue/ N-340

In the roundabout, take the second exit and go on along PesciaAvenue/ n-340.

In the roundabout, take the second exit again.

Turn slightly to right towards Alcalde Antonio Villasclaras avenue/ M-5105.

Go on towards Alcalde Antonio Villasclara Avenue/ MA-5105, going through two roundabouts.

In the roundabout, take the third exit direction MA-5150.

In the roundabout, take the second exit E-15/A7 direction Málaga.

Incorporate into E-15/ A-7.

Take the second exit to A-7, Algeciras/ Málaga (oeste)/ Airport/ harbor.

Go along MA-20.

Take the exit to San Julian/Guadalmar.

Keep on the left and go on towards exit 3 in the bifurcation.

In the roundabout, take the first exit.

Pass the roundabout

Go on along Comandante García Morato Street.

Your destination will be on the Right.

  • From Oriental Coast (Marbella, Estepona, Cadiz, Fuengirola):


Go to the North-east in Nabeul Avenue towards Arte street.

Go on along Padre Salvador street, and go on to the left towards Doctor Maíz Viñals street.

Turn slightly to left to Doctor Maíz Viñals street.

In the roundabout, take the third exit to Arias de Velasco Avenue.

In the roundabout, take the first exit.

In the roundabout, take the second exit E-15/AP-7/A-7 direction Málaga.

Incorporate into E-15/A-7/AP-7.

Keep on the right and go on along MA-20, go on the signs to AP-7/Torremolinos/MA-21/ Málaga Oeste/ Aeropuerto.

Take the third exit to MA-23/Aeropuerto.

In the roundabout, take the first exit (pass the roundabout)

Go on along Comandante García Morato street (the destination will be on the right.

Car Hire Malaga Airport:

Inside the terminals there are several rent a car companies. There are also companies aoutside the airport. Owing that they are not inside the airport, these companies can offer more economic prices, such as Del Paso Car Hire; in addition, this company offers a free courtesy bus service from the airport to the office, just two minutes away from the airport. It is a round trip service, so when the customer returns his car in the office, he is taken to the airport. You can book on-line though this link: Car Hire Malaga Airport.

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