Malaga Mountains

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Malaga Mountains

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The beautifully planted mountain range of Malaga has specific importance. The different levels of peaks are parallel throughout the river’s flow. The famous river of Guadalmedina is a prime location of the mountain area. The area was first declared as Natural Park and its old is Carretera de Los Montes. The natural park was made in 1989 and since thousands of visitors came here for their holidays. In Spanish, they use to call it Montes de Malaga that means mountains of Malaga. The area has pine trees in general because it has many benefits like pine tree is very helpful to avoid and stop floods, these floods often come rapidly because the vast area was chopped for Castilian conquest, as they require vast are for agriculture.


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Beautiful Mountain View

From the Montes de Malaga there are stunning perspectives, similar to the landscape one can appreciate from the Mirador del Cochino (the pig’s perspective), that has a lovely all-encompassing perspective over the Costa del Sol and, with a touch of karma, from where we can spot flying creatures of prey like the booted bird or the short-toed falcon. The recreation center is commanded by Aleppo pines that were planted somewhere in the range of 1930 and 1950 trying to stop the persistent floods that have crushed Malaga for a considerable length of time. In the fifteenth century, the current trees in those days were mostly substituted for olives and grapevines, which caused since 1544 a progression of floods that, were halted on account of the previously mentioned reforestation.



The natural park

This normal park arranged a couple of kilometers from the north of Malaga is viewed as the lung of the encompassing regions, a prescribed spot to run trekking with lovely spots, for example, the salto de agua de Picapedreros (the stonemason’s cascade), stays of harvests and structures that demonstrate to us the wine-creating history of this spot. The Montes de Malaga Characteristic Park has an average Mediterranean fauna where life the most well-known species from Europe live. Its nearness to Gibraltar makes the territory of Malaga an imperative point in the course of the winged animal movement, improving its fauna with African species.


Trekking routes

It is estimated that around 30 routes are built for trekking that leads you in different locations. There are different trekking courses to look over in the Montes de Malaga, through which one can appreciate the excellence of the landscape, the regular habitat with its plenteous widely varied vegetation. It has outdoors territories and the most essential ways that we can visit are Picapedreros, Las Contadoras, and Cerrado. The recreation center is effectively open and is situated close to other beachfront towns. Amid the time of downpour, we’ll have the capacity to think about excellent cascades in Picapedreros, or

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