Málaga With Kids

Málaga with kids
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Málaga is a perfect city for leisure at any age as there are many places to discover. As in the rest of Spain, activities for children will vary depending on the time of year. This offers endless possibilities of where to go in Málaga with kids. Keep reading this Del Paso article and take a look at our rental cars.

What to do in Málaga with kids

Málaga is full of wonderful places for children to experience new sensations. Where to go? The most important thing is that everyone, both adults and children, enjoy themselves in their own way. Here are some places in the city and province to visit with children.

Historic center of Málaga

Malaga city is worth spending at least 2 or 3 days exploring its famous sites, but if you have time, you can also discover some of its nearby villages. Traveling to Málaga with kids is easy if you plan your trip well and look for alternatives to the common ones. 

As a recommendation, look for a hotel or accommodation as close to the center of the capital as possible. The little ones will love walking through its wide pedestrian streets and enjoying the variety of services it offers. With them, you can visit the Basilica Cathedral of the Incarnation located in the Bishop’s Square, one of the most famous in the city. The cathedral is considered a jewel of Renaissance architecture and part of the Baroque in Spain.


Water parks

If you come to Málaga with kids in the summer you have to go to water parks. Water parks are a popular and enjoyable activity for kids in Malaga, as well as in many other places. Although there are no water parks within the city itself, there are several options available in nearby towns. 

  • Aquamijas, located in Mijas along the Autovía A7 at Km. 209, offers exciting attractions such as curvy waterslides, a wave pool, and a Jacuzzi for adults to relax. 
  • Another option is Aqualand, situated at Calle Cuba, 10 in Torremolinos, which can easily be reached by the Cercanías train from the city center. The park features a Kidzworld area that young children will love, and a dozen waterslides that will give older kids an adrenaline rush.


Muelle Uno

Since the creation of Muelle Uno in the city, many families have been visiting every weekend. The open-air shopping center usually organizes activities for children, allowing them to enjoy the Port of Malaga with their kids. Additionally, it has great views and there are always musicians on the streets, creating unique atmospheres for family outings.


Sea Life Benalmádena

If you visit Benalmádena, Sea Life is a fun and educational activity suitable for kids of all ages. Visit Sea Life Benalmádena and let your children get hands-on with sea creatures in touch pools while learning about the significance of ocean preservation. Take a boat ride to the sea or play mini-golf as a family, and if you’re lucky, you may spot dolphins in their natural habitat.



Málaga is a city rich in culture and art, and its museums are a testament to that. There is a wide variety of museums that you can go in Málaga with kids, ranging from contemporary art to prehistoric art. Here are some of the most notable:

  • Picasso Museum Málaga: This museum is one of the most visited in the city and is located in the Buenavista Palace, a historic building dating back to the 16th century. The museum features a large collection of Picasso’s works, from his early drawings to his latest paintings.
  • Málaga Contemporary Art Center (CAC): This art center is known for its collection of Spanish contemporary art and temporary exhibitions of international artists. In addition to exhibitions, CAC also hosts workshops and conferences.
  • Carmen Thyssen Museum Málaga: Located in the Villalón Palace, a 16th-century building, this museum houses a collection of 19th-century Spanish art, featuring works by artists such as Sorolla, Zuloaga, and Romero de Torres.
  • Málaga Museum: This museum is one of the largest in Andalusia and features a collection of art and archaeology. Its halls showcase works ranging from prehistoric times to the present day, as well as a significant collection of archaeological objects.
  • Málaga Music Museum: Located in the Count of Las Navas Palace, this museum has a vast collection of ancient and modern musical instruments, as well as a selection of scores and other music-related objects.
  • Russian Museum Málaga: Inaugurated in 2015, this museum houses a collection of Russian art that spans from the 18th century to the present day. The museum features works by artists such as Repin, Kandinsky, and Chagall.

This has been all about what to do in Málaga with kids, we hope you take note of several plans! We recommend you or article Caves in Málaga


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