The best pastry shops in Malaga

The best pastry shops in Malaga
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Malaga is a Spanish city known for its delicious gastronomy, which includes a wide variety of traditional dishes and typical desserts. Find out which are the best pastry shops in Malaga!

Pastry of Malaga

In pastry shops of Malaga, customers are mainly looking for a wide variety of high quality, handmade pastry products that reflect the rich gastronomic tradition of the region. In addition, people are looking for:

Typical sweets: such as borrachuelos, pestiños, yemas from Malaga and roscos de vino, which are traditional sweets from the local area.

Cakes and pastries: pastry shops in Malaga offer a wide variety of cakes and pastries, from classics such as lemon tart to more modern creations such as chocolate and red fruit tart.

Nougat: Malaga is famous for its nougat, and in pastry shops you can find handmade nougat with almonds, chocolate, egg yolk and other flavours.

Cafeteria: many pastry shops also have a cafeteria where customers can enjoy a coffee or tea along with a delicious cake or dessert.

The best pastry shops in Malaga

In Delpaso Carhire we always want to make your trips easier and to help you to discover the best places. These are the best pastry shops of Malaga:

La Canasta

La Canasta is a patisserie franchise founded in 1996 and is dedicated to the production of handmade cakes, tarts, pastries, chocolates and other high quality pastries.

In Malaga, La Canasta has several branches in different local areas of the city, such as the historic centre, the El Palo neighbourhood and the Plaza Mayor shopping centre.

La Canasta has become one of the most popular patisseries of Malaga thanks to the quality of its products, its customer service and its care for the presentation of its products. In addition, the company has expanded to other cities in Spain and has more than 20 branches throughout the country.

Aparicio Confiteria

The bakery has been offering its products since 1908, and is known for its traditional sweets and cakes, as well as for its innovative patisserie products.

Among the most outstanding products of Confiteria Aparicio are the “pastelitos de gloria”, a typical sweet from the region of Malaga which consists of a marzipan dough filled with egg yolk. Its cakes are also very popular, such as the “tarta de San Marcos” or the “tarta de limón”.

In addition, Confiteria Aparicio is also known for its catering service for events, where you can order personalised cakes and sweets for weddings, birthdays or other celebrations.

Pathelin Pastry Shop

Pathelin is another famous patisserie in the city of Malaga, located in the La Malagueta district. Founded in 1922, this patisserie has won several awards for the quality of its products.

Among its specialities are apple pies, Santiago cake, cream-filled croissants and traditional sweets such as pestiños or tortas de aceite (oil cakes).

La Mallorquina

La Mallorquina is a famous patisserie and cafeteria that has several branches in Malaga, one of them located in Calle Larios, in the historic centre of the city. It was founded in 1931 and since then has established itself as one of the most emblematic in the city.

La Mallorquina specialises in typical Spanish patisserie sweets, such as churros with chocolate, buñuelos, rosquillos and ensaimadas mallorquinas, which are very popular all over the region.

Julia Bakery

Julia Bakery is an artisan pastry shop located in the Soho district of Malaga. This patisserie stands out for its handmade products made with natural and high quality ingredients.

Among its specialities are croissants, sourdough breads and cakes with a variety of flavours, such as cheesecake with red fruits or carrot cake. They also offer a wide selection of gluten-free and lactose-free products, adapting to the needs of their customers.

As we have seen, the best pastry shops in Malaga offer high quality, typical, artisan products that reflect the gastronomic tradition of the city.

So, you know where to find the best pastry shops, discover the restaurants of Malaga.

In addition, if you are interested in more information about this beautiful city you can visit our tourist information about Malaga.

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