Malaga’s traditional wines and wine bars – Let’s Get Drowned in Taste

Malaga’s traditional wines and wine bars – Let’s Get Drowned in Taste

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Your trip to Malaga is never complete without getting drenched in the marvelous wines, drinks, and beverages of Malaga. Spain is famous for its night life and beautiful dancing bars and when it comes to Malaga, you can find the finest most wines and bars of Spain here. Either you are a loner or visiting Spain with group of friends, these bars should be in your wish list, or else your trip would miss the biggest fun you could do. If you want to go to enjoy the different wines from Malaga , here you have the best offers in malaga car hire.


What To Drink?

Before visiting the bar, you are required to find each and every detail of the beverages you got to drink. So, here you can find all the oldest to latest drinks in flavors and according to brands. Get yourself to sip with the ancient Greek, Roman, and moor flavors. You will get plenty of sweet wines amalgamated with Moscatel and Pedro Ximenez variety of grapes. They grow grapes in the backyards of Malaga to bring real extracted taste of sweet wines. These wines have got completely adaptable taste and these bring no harm to health.


Where is My Bar Listing?

There are some finest bars in the Malaga to get amazing shots, dancing chics, and luxurious furnishing to stay and enjoy the night. There are plenty of bars available across the place however the ones you will never miss to visit are; Antigua Casa de Guardia, the oldest wine bar in Malaga. It is older than you can think around 300 years. This is not just a bar, it is a place where you earn to drink. If you cannot find the place on map, ask locals to go to El Barril Místico, it is its local name. Bodega-Bar El Pimpi is your next stop for the next night. The bar is standing from centuries in the middle of the main city. The bar has got amazing architecture to make your visit an overwhelming experience to stay with you forever.

The bar is further surrounded by a series of ancient and tall buildings to spend evenings away from hustle and bustle of the main city in the upside winds of Spain. Best time to Visit Bars: Well, from sun downing to the sun rising in morning, all hours are yours to go to bars and have fun. These bars remain open in the day time as well however if you need to see the Malaga’s night life closely, dusky hours are the time you need to be there. The lightning and settling in the bars start to grow after rush hours of the morning.


How Much Money Do I Need To Enjoy?

Malaga is generally not an expensive city to drink wine in. Even less the local wines so you can enjoy your wine tastings for not much money.

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