Speed cameras in Malaga

Radar Fijo Avenida de Andalucía

Speed cameras in Malaga

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This post is dedicated to speed radars located in the province. We express our gratitude to the Daily Sur and the DGT for the data they facilitated.

We indicate the place where they are located and the radar kind; after that, we will explain differences between them:


city type kilometer start- end


A-7 Málaga Fixed radar 175.800 increasing
A-7 Málaga Stretch radar 200.146 – 205.268 increasing
A-7 Málaga Stretch radar 205.268 – 200.146 decreasing
A-7 Málaga Fixed radar 246.046 increasing
A-7 Málaga Fixed radar 256.764 decreasing
A-7 Málaga Stretch radar 287.631 – 288.740 increasing
A-45 Málaga Fixed radar 103.300 decreasing
A-45 Málaga Fixed radar 118.090 increasing
A-45 Málaga Stretch radar 125.958 – 128.780 increasing
A-45 Málaga Stretch radar 134.178 – 140.276 increasing
A-343 Málaga Mobile radar 0.183 – 2.424 both
A-343 Málaga Mobile radar 2.442 – 53.15 both
A-355 Málaga Mobile radar 9.239 – 21.692 both
A-355 Málaga Fixed radar 28.500 increasing
A-356 Málaga Mobile radar 0.156 – 18.507 both
A-356 Málaga Mobile radar 18.507 – 48.55 both
A-356 Málaga Fixed radar 36.525 increasing
A-357 Málaga Fixed radar 38.925 increasing
A-366 Málaga Mobile radar 0.000 – 42.236 both
A-366 Málaga Mobile radar 42.267 – 60.642 both
A-367 Málaga Mobile radar 4.317 – 22.927 both
A-367 Málaga Fixed radar 22.800 decreasing
A-367 Málaga Mobile radar 22.927 – 40.8 both
A-369 Málaga Mobile radar 0.000 – 36.38 both
A-374 Málaga Mobile radar 8.862 – 33.79 both
A-384 Málaga Mobile radar 82.270 – 108.337 both
A-384 Málaga Fixed radar 89.600 decreasing
A-384 Málaga Mobile radar 108.337 – 131.13 both
A-387 Málaga Mobile radar 0.000 – 13.263 both
A-387 Málaga Mobile radar 13.263 – 19.28 both
A-397 Málaga Mobile radar 0.000 – 48.67 both
A-397 Málaga Fixed radar 7.000 increasing
A-397 Málaga Fixed radar 11.050 decreasing
A-402 Málaga Mobile radar 44.836 – 59.49 both
A-404 Málaga Mobile radar 0.000 – 24.566 both
A-7052 Málaga Mobile radar 0.000 – 9.75 both
A-7052 Málaga Fixed radar 3.500 increasing
A-7053 Málaga Mobile radar 0.000 – 14.85 both
A-7054 Málaga Mobile radar 0.000 – 3.187 both
A-7054 Málaga Mobile radar 3.187 – 24.92 both
A-7054 Málaga Fixed radar 8.750 increasing
A-7058 Málaga Mobile radar 0.019 – 9.38 both
A-7059 Málaga Mobile radar 0.600 – 12.45 both
A-7075 Málaga Mobile radar 0.000 – 51.55 both
A-7200 Málaga Mobile radar 0.000 – 12.69 both
A-7281 Málaga Mobile radar 0.000 – 1.795 both
MA-20 Málaga Fixed radar 10.450 decreasing
N-340 Málaga Mobile radar 280.000 – 367.516 both
N-340a Málaga Mobile radar 263.746 – 270.342 both


Fixed radars:

They are those we can see in cabins next to the road. We can also find them in posts on the road level. These must be signaled.

Radar fijo colgante

Fixed Radar Pendant

Mobile radars:

They are usually in police cars o camouflaged in police cars.

Stretch radars:

They are fixed radars, owing that they are always in the same place, and they calculate the speed in which we drive between two points. The first one has a recognition of characters system (OCR), which catch the registration number of our car, and makes a record in which the appears the time and date. The second radar does exactly the same. The system software checks the time we have taken going along that stretch using the radar’s data. If we took less time to go along it than the one allowed, the system, will transmit it to the DGT.


  • Radar “Red Photo”: They control if a car run a red light”.
  • Radar control This check if you car pass MOT (Motor Ordinance Test).
  • Helicópter Pegasus: This is most sdelective and with human control. It let to select and follow drivers that are doing high risk behavior. And of course, it has number plate recognized and speed control sensors.

There are radar detectors, but some of them are not legal.

  • Radars advertisers: completely legal, they use the DGT data, and they must be refreshed frequenly.
  • Detector: they are illegal. They use a GPS or radio antenna in order to locate the radars.
  • Inhibitors: Illegal too. They detect and annul the radar sign. It can have a fine of 6000€.

This post is only for your information. Remember to to follows traffic rules and speed limits. Remember when you hire a car with Del Paso Car Hire.

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