Vegetarian restaurants in Malaga

Vegetarian restaurants in Malaga

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Malaga is famous for its outstanding cuisine. Even though most of the eateries offer traditional Andalusia food that is consist of meat and fish dishes major on most menus. The Malaga has many food types in Spanish cuisine and not only meat dishes but vegetarian dishes are also found by the people. So, here we list few of the restaurants that are purely vegetarian and their menus are also very interesting.

El Tesoro Del Puchero

This restaurant is situated very close to the train station. The food and environment of this place are very nice and appealing. This place is also famous to hosts seminars and other cooking lessons. It also has a library that is open to the common public focused on fitness and health’s safety. The cooking contribution is quite mixed, with intricate dishes that are based on the customary Mediterranean and many oriental recipes that are inventively understood and ready for use only by local natural ingredients. The restaurants also offer food deal with less than 15 euros.


El Tesoro Del Puchero is open from Monday to Thursday from 9 to 6 and on Fridays from 9 to 6 also open on Saturdays.


El Vegetariano de la Alcazabilla

This restaurant is situated close to the historic center of Malaga. The restaurant is built in a small lane overseeing a little quadrangular and veranda bar. It’s very close to Plaza de la Merced and the Roman theatre. The famous El Vegetariano de la Alcazabilla is known as one of the famous places in the middle of Malaga. It is also one of the most famed vegetarian restaurants in Malaga.



The decoration is quite colorful that really help to maintain the pleasant aura.



The menu offered by a restaurant that is gluten-free and charges only 10 euros per deal. Vegetarian food, burgers, beers and all organic juices are available.

Vegetariano Cañadú

This restaurant is favorite for vegetarians and for non-vegetarians. The calm and beautiful atmosphere of the restaurant will mesmerize you; the view from the terrace will surely capture your full attention. The management is not serving tapas, it is you, who order the food with amazing menu are of only 10 euros. The food price is according to its portion size. The restaurant is surprisingly full in weekdays too.



The combination of dried fruit with vegetables is amazing and very delicious. The menu has many dishes that are rarely seen in other restaurants and they are specially prepared with different kind of dried fruits. Almonds are the keen part of all recipes. The special Persian rice is also here on the menu. Their specialty is the special home-made dessert that is complementary given to the guests. Set on the terrace and enjoy your food portion with fresh juices and wines.

El Calafate

The El Calafate is situated at the narrow streets of the Malaga town. The restaurant offers a relaxed mood, not like other open kitchen based restaurants that have so much noise along with a different kind of smell. Most of the time, tourists never find it because of its setting but you can ask for any local, they will surely assist you properly. Spending 10 to 12 euro in which you will have a vegetable dish along with dessert is not a bad deal.



The special menu included Tofu salad, lasagna, creamy risotto, hummus and many other dishes that are purely veggie-made. In addition, in beverages, wine and beers are available. The timings are different in all places.


There are also many other vegetarians restaurants too, you just made the advance booking because these all restaurants are full.


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