Velez – Malaga beaches

Velez – Malaga beaches

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If you love to visit the beach sides then to visit Velez – Malaga can be the best opportunity to avail. Velez – Malaga is a capital of the district of Axarquía and situated in the province of Malaga.  Although the center of the Velez-Malaga is a bit away from the cost but it is still a perfect place to visit if you want to enjoy a wonderful beach day.


The nearest beaches to the Velez – Malaga

If you want to know about the nearest beaches to the Velez – Malaga then to know about the following amazing places.



The Chilches beach is one of the nearest beaches around Velez-Malaga. This is a beach which is covering the length of 1,361 meters and the width of Chilches is of 10 meters. This beautiful beach is surrounded by a fairly residential area. Chilches has dark sand which can offer sunbeds to hire and red cross during hot summer days and beach bars.

To reach to the Chilches you can head towards Almeria through n-340 and it will turn off towards the residential town of the Chilches and from there you can easily reach to the beachside.


The people who are visiting the Chilches are mostly urbanizations therefore, the environment there around is quiet and peaceful. You can enjoy your day with you in an amazing way.




The Bajamar beach is one of the most peaceful beaches which is highly recommended to visit near Velez-Malaga. This is one of the most visited places from the people staying near the place throughout the year. Walking around the beach is the best way to get the area around the beach.


If you want to visit Bajamar on your own vehicle then you have to drive from Nerja to Malaga along with the crop fields which reach the sand practically. It is a long beach which has dark sand and surrounded by the crops.


Torre del Mar

If you head from the Mediterranean motorway to the Velez-Malaga you will get the Torre del Mar turnoff. There is a parking lot right to the seafront of the Torre del Mar. Torre del Mar is one of the longest beach located in the province of Malaga. Torre del Mar is approximately 3 kilometers long which can be the best to enjoy long walks. Several beach bars are placed along the beachside to relax and enjoy the beauty around.


The place is really clean with the dark sand during the high season. You can see most of the locals and visitors there doing exercises.


The Velez-Malaga Caleta

It is a perfect place to have fun with your family and friend. To reach the lighthouse beach you can take the 227 turnoff Mediterranean motorway to the n-340 coast road and continue your drive towards the fishing port. At the lighthouse beach, you can get all the necessary services to enjoy a great day. You can find the amazing things from the beach bars to amazing kids playground there. You can enjoy water sports and volleyball there.


These are the most prominent beaches which you can find around Velez-Malaga to enjoy wonderful beach days with ease.



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