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Mijas is a city in the region of the Málaga on the Costa del Sol following to the Fuengirola. It is a beach city and the touristic movement is the central financial engine of this area.


The most of the part that covers the Mijas is rocky and has two urban centers, one growing on coast and other on the hill side of range of mountain at around 428 meters above the sea level with a typical charm of an Andalusian white town.


History of Mijas

Mijas actually belonged to the people of Turdetan, Iberian individuals who were mostly in valley of Guadalquivir, to south of Iberian Peninsula. The Turdetans were straight children of Tartessians, who had an excessive Greek effect. The Turdetans were deliberated by romans as the best cultured individuals in Iberian Peninsula, with their particular writing, rules and ancient records that were 6000 years old.


Because of extraordinary piracy movement in the zone, as from the year 1492 they constructed the lookout tower which notified the people to battle them. These watchtowers still stand currently, so people can visit them any time.


Throughout the past of Mijas, farming and fishing have been significant for its growth, along with the cattle exploitation and mining to a minor degree, though the cause why the Mijas actually developed was because of the arrival of the travel cheers to the Costa del Sol’s global recognition.


The city of Mijas deals an excessive sum of traveler attractions that people can visit; all through the year they too celebrate many carnivals in open air through the months of summer season.


Mijas Museums

People who visit the Mijas must know that you can enjoy some old stuff there that is kept in the museums there. People who love exploring the past will surely love this place as they will find a lot of great stuff in the museums of Mijas. The museums to visit in the Mijas are:


  1. Max’s Wagon
  2. Historical-Ethnological museum
  3. The Watchtowers centre


Mijas Monuments

The most of the monuments that the tourists can go to in Mijas have a spiritual connection as from the impact of the Catholic Conquistadors:


  1. Santa Ana chapel
  2. Virgen de la Peña chapel
  3. San Sebastian church
  4. Inmaculada church
  5. Watchtowers

Beaches in Mijas

Mijas also have some beaches that everyone will love. If you are someone who loves going to beaches, then this place is for you! You can put on your beachwear and spend as much time as you like there. These beaches are one of the reasons for the people to visit here.


  1. La Cala
  2. Rocky cape
  3. Calahonda
  4. El Bombo
  5. El Chaparral
  6. El Faro


Transport in Mijas

If you need to get to the Mijas from some other place, we can now use our particular method of the transport, a bus, there is actually no services of train to the Mijas, though sometime in future it is intended on its route to Marbella.


Burrotaxis or Donkey Taxis

This method of the transport appeared about the year 1950. The ‘burrotaxi’ is today a traveler attraction and they also have particular donkey taxi ranks.

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