Selwo Marina – Marine Park Benalmadena

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Selwo marina is specifically a marine park got other types of wildlife too, located in the Benalmádena, Spain. Spain has got history of thousands of years old but apart from history, the modern additions in Spanish culture is also worth seeing and the Selwo Marina park is one of those worth visiting places.


selwo marina dolphins


Where is Selwo Marina located?

Well, Selwo Marina is located in the Benalmadena costa, a coast in southern Spain. You can reach at the place by using your own vehicle and personal navigation system, however, many local buses and taxi services can also be opted to get here. If you want to go to from Malaga Airport to Selwo Marina, here you have the best offers in Malaga Airport Car hire.



What to See in Selwo Marina?

This park has got everything you require to come near to animals. Form a big aquarium with penguins to a large pool with dolphins and some amazing rare species of amphibian, Selwo Marina allows you to watch everything from near.

The other species you can see here are crocodile with their small babies and large families, snakes belonging from different breeds, and all with this amazing rare species of birds flapping wings all across the cages. However, to see each place, the Selwo Marina Park is separated in to different parts. you will get to see:


The Antilles:

It is known as “Las Antillas” in the local language. This is based near to the watery landscape where dolphin families breed and live. There is no such large space anywhere in the world other than Selwo Marina where you can see and find dolphins in large number, living with their families.

These dolphins are kept under great facilities and observations. Along with this, The Antilles has also got sea lion that are spread all over the coast breading and enjoying with their families.


sea lion in benalmadena


The Hollow:

The hollow is known as the “La Hondonada” in local Spanish language. Here you will find large cages and rarest bird species. From large to smallest, all types of birds can be seen here.

The Selwo Marina Park’s management has imported these birds from farthest jungles of Amazing and South America. These birds are not caged but kept in a very natural environment to fly and live freely.


birds rare selwo marina


Icy Island:

Icy land, the local name is “Isla de Hielo”. As penguins has got various species hence for icy penguins a special place is made in Andalusia.

The breed is very rare and very hard to keep however, after bringing them from European zoos, a special ice age like environment is created here to make it natural for penguins to live and breed. You can get underwater footages of penguins playing in water as well as how they live naturally with their families in the icy land part of Selwo Marina.


penguins of selwo marina


The Amazon:

The Amazon, locally named as “Amazonia” is the best place where rarest animals and plants are imported form world and kept at one place. There is so much to see in amazon such as birds, plants, different wild and innocent animals etc. There you will find snake species from larger ones to little ones.


amazon in selwo marina park


Age Limit and Ticket Price:

This Selwo Marina Park is heaven for animal lovers however before getting there let’s find out the age limit and ticket price:

  • Adults from ten years old to 65 years old are 15.90€.
  • Toddlers and adolescent from less than 9 to older citizen over 65 are charged with 13.50€.

If you want to book tickets on the official website <<you can do it here>>

Keep in mind, above prices are related to if you want to book your tickets online. Also, if you want to add the ride of cable car in it, standard charges will be applied according to your age.

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