Torrox Beaches You Must Visit

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The Eastern Costa del Sol is an unbeatable area. A snappy look at its natural spaces, differed cuisine and rich cultural and artistic heritage makes this obvious, however there’s another compelling reason that makes Axarquia an exceptionally looked for after holiday destination in Spain: its excellent beaches and the Mediterranean Sea.

On the Costa del Sol’s beach you could enjoy sand, running from the tiny inlets with the crystal-clear water as well as stunning cliffs, to the beaches with the tropical surroundings. Out of every one of them, the beautiful beaches of Nerja as well as the remarkable stretches of sand at the Torrox Costa emerge.


They are altogether idyllic – especially the Nerja sounds, and are among the nicest on the Costa del Sol. Along these lines, just as the 325 days of sunshine for every year, it is nothing unexpected that it has turned out to be a standout amongst the most popular all year destinations.

El Morche Beach

El Morche Beach is the ideal spot to relax in the sun and enjoy a refreshing plunge. It’s a urban beach with a seafront promenade and every single fundamental administration, just as access reasonable for individuals with diminished mobility. This is a perfect beach for families, as there are in every case a lot of kids and youngsters around playing beach tennis or taking a dive.

Ferrara-Las Lindes Beach

Ferrara or Las Lindes beach could be accessed to from seafront promenade. The waters of the beach are calm and all the visitors could enjoy dark sand along with family-friendly surroundings. It has all services that you may need and it is relatively near a few beach bars and restaurants. Likewise, basketball and volleyball courts are accessible here, along with an exercise territory. In case you’re feeling progressively adventurous, it’s additionally conceivable to enjoy a few distinctive water sports.


El Cenicero Beach

El Cenicero beach is a long sand spit situated in the Morche territory. It is a genuinely calm beach, making it perfect for having a relaxing day under the sun of Malaga. The way that it is quiet doesn’t imply that visitors are not offered the majority of the services that they may require, from various eating options and leisure exercises to a scope of sports.

Calaceite Beach

Going through multi day on the beach at Calaceite, situated in Torrox, is an unbeatable encounter, especially in the event that you fancy a relaxing day in extraordinary natural surroundings. Here you will locate a calm and quiet beach with the dark sand, 40 meters wide and 400 meters long.


Obviously, as this beach exists in a secured territory there aren’t the same number of neighborhood services as would be found on a urban beach, however there is as yet a wide scope of game, relaxation and leisure options.

Mazagarrobo-El Peñoncillo Beach

Peñoncillo-Mazagarrobo beach is long, around 1.4 Km and has a width of 30 meters. This beach just typically encounters a moderate swell, making it ideal for washing. Its roadside area implies that get to is exceptionally snappy and simple.


These beaches don’t will in general get excessively occupied, so they have constrained services. Nonetheless, you can get anything you need rapidly from the town of Torrox, which is close by.


This beach is ideal for those seeking a touch of harmony and serenity as it’s distant from the town focus, a little paradise for those remaining in Torrox that want to stay away from the more popular beaches in the territory. Wilches beach has beach bars and sunbeds to hire.


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