The Virgen Del Carmen Festivities in Málaga

The Virgen Del Carmen Festivities in Málaga

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Málaga southwestern city of Spain embedded with many historical and geographical places, and visited by millions of tourists around the world every day. Spain as a whole has long history however Málaga plays an important role because people from here have still kept their traditions alive. They annually celebrate traditional festivals to pay remember their ancestors and specially saints.


The most famous festivity in Málaga is the celebration of their Virgen Del Carmen festival.


What is Virgen Del Carmen Festival?

Virgen Del Carmen is the patron saint of fishermen living in Málaga and the neighborhood villages. They gather together near the seaside and beaches and deliberately pay tribute to the Virgen saint and party whole night. This tribute is actually biggest gathering of the year where gents and ladies join local fishermen in celebration and make whole day a big day of their lives.

How Virgen Del Carmen Festival Is Celebrated?

Well, for the celebration, every year in summers, usually on 16th of July, people gather near the biggest beach of Málaga as the celebrations take place in water. During the celebration, customary men and women wear grey colored dresses however you can wear other colors too, to be a part of this festival as there is no compulsion by the locals. Local boys and girls carry the oars and different flags representing their communities and become part of the procession.


They also carry flowers. Buildings and the walking places of the procession are also decorated by using real flowers. These flowers are tossed in water too and the whole water looks so rosy in the night. During that, religious and traditional Spanish songs are sang by the locals and they are also played on big speakers.


The whole groups of people along with the local saints of the village take the statue of Virgen Del Carmen in traditional fishing boat towards the middle of the sea. The statue is based on lady who is carrying a baby in her arms. Bells are ranged in the churches. After that, speech is given by the patrons or saints to the procession. In this speech they all remember their descended relatives. The procession then moves to the middle of the beach. The celebration walk takes whole day to reach the in the middle of the sea.


After the celebration, drinks and food session start. They take special drinks for the day and eat local cuisines that are so sumptuous to taste. Girls and boys dance whole day. This session goes on and on for the whole night.


Is Virgen Del Carmen Only Celebrated On 16th July Exact?

No, the days and dates can vary according as the locals decide for celebration. To find the exact date, you have to consult locals. However, it is a summer celebration takes place in the month of July every year. To see the real Spanish life from the naked, eye, this festival is worth visiting. In your holiday wish list, you must add the Virgen Del Carmen Festivities in Málaga.

Why should I Be Part if this Festival?

Well, festivals are great way to kill time. Moreover, during festivals you get to see the actual life of a place because people usually behave traditional during such festivals. Apart from the point of infromaiton and knowdlege, you will have here a lot to enjoy. The best food, the best wines, and great dance for whole night in the light of moon– for all these reasons, festivals like Virgen Del Carmen are worth visiting. Book your trip to Spain for July, now!

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