Main places to enjoy Marbella parties

marbella parties
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La Costa del Sol is well known for its warm weather and good gastronomy offer, but there’s also a lively nightlife: Marbella parties are quite famous thanks to its good pubs and nightclubs where you can go drinking, dancing, meeting new people. Marbella nightlife areas could be divided into two main zones: the one located in the port at the city center and those located in Puerto Banús, 7 km away from the city center.

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Listing the best Marbella parties and nightclubs in the city

Nightclub / Terrace Lemmon

Lemmon is one of the most frequented nightclubs in the port Club Marítimo Marbella during the weekend nights and it’s probably included in all Marbella parties lists. The strong point of Lemmon is that it has a large terrace where you can have a drink and also has its own ballroom with a VIP area.

Terrace / Nightclub Le Sud Lounge

Le Sud is next to Lemmon and is another of the main places to enjoy Marbella parties. It has its terrace and an elongated area inside where you can dance.

The good music and the atmosphere of Le Sud make it has a lot of customers during the night, being one of the most recommended places in the port of Marbella.

Disco Funky Buddha Marbella

The nightclub Buddha Marbella center is not located inside the port but in the Alameda park in the east direction. Anyway, it is not more than 300 meters away. During the Access, they normally charge an entrance fee of 10 euros, which ticket includes a drink. The place is nicely decorated, and spacious, with VIP areas and a very long bar. The music is good and so is the atmosphere so it’s perfect if you want to enjoy Marbella parties.

Bless Marbella

Near the beach is the disco Bless Marbella, where you can have fun dancing while you have a drink.

Olivia Valere

We could not forget the Olivia Valere club. An exclusive place where you can even see someone famous people while enjoying a drink, music, or dinner at the restaurant. It also offers various shows and is one of the most popular destinations for enjoying Marbella parties.

Terraces and nightclubs for a drink in Puerto Banús

Sunset Café Banús

Sunset Café Banus is another of the most outstanding options in the port if you want to have a few cocktails while enjoying Marbella parties. Anyway, the port of Marbella will have many terraces where you can go for a drink, all nicely decorated with comfortable sofas and excellent customer service.

Disco Funky Buddha

Disco Funky Buddha Puerto Banus is another interesting option for those who want to have a drink or dance in Puerto Banus. It is an interesting place with nice decoration and a good atmosphere.

More places to go out in Puerto Banús

Another area of Marbella where you can go out is Puerto Banús. Along the promenade and its surroundings, you will find a large number of bars, pubs, and nightclubs where you can enjoy the nightlife in Marbella. Of course, in Puerto Banús the price of the access and drinks is a bit higher but it’s a nice place to enjoy the different atmospheres of Marbella parties.

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